Since August 09, we have been up to our necks with Ben (3 years old now) and Ethan (7months old) in Singapore. We’ve been using Facebook to keep in touch with friends. We will keep this blog online, but will not be updating it anymore. You can find me on Facebook “Kar-Wai Wesley LOH” or http://www.facebook.com/memphiswest for my company Facebook page.


$4.80 for 3veg+1rice @ Padang Padang Ion

I like Malay food. Grew up on them in Sec and JC times.


So, I was at Padang Padang @ Ion last week. The foodcourt at B3 had just opened and I thought why not try the malay food at Padang Padang. Peanuts and bean sprouts portions were even smaller than some neighborhood secondary schools/food courts that cost 1/2 the price or less.

Padang Padang has the most expensive Malay food in a Singapore food court.



I got to shoot for a magazine for the last couple of months, mainly focusing on B&W work. It’s been lots of fun and it’s also a godsend of sorts, I realized that after Paris, my natural instinct (not forté. *) is seeing in black & white. It’s extremely rare to see B&W photography in magazines, much less local mags. It’s been a great privilege and a blessing. So I have updated the website www.memphiswest.com with some of the new work. Also made it a point to make the website more accessible to iPhones by having zero flash, along with less clicking and more scrolling action.

Natural instinct suggests a state of being. Something from within, something that a person had in him/her all the time. Forté means strength (or something great about the person), it also subtly suggests ‘doing something’ rather than ‘being something’.


BK @ Ion – PASS!

I hear that BK @ Ion is direct from BK USA, not a franchise like the local BK here.

Hope they are good.

Good enough to say good riddance to bad rubbish.

Update 2nd Aug:
Wahj (he’s a teacher, hence i trust him) went and tried the burger . It’s good!


Lightroom 2 & CaptureOne Pro 4

I have been on CaptureOne since its introduction in 2002/3. Graduated from the simply hard to use Canon DPP and found CaptureOne simply superb for nailing skintones and color.

CaptureOne gave us free licenses for upgrades for the last 7 years. It was USD500 in 2002, so it turned out to be great value despite the price.

I was tempted to go Lightroom by the presets (CaptureOne has very few 3rd party presets) but turned out to be pleasantly surprised by the hardcore B&W conversion, esp with ‘Clarity’ & ‘Black’. Makes B&W conversions about 100% more pleasant than C1Pro’s skimpy B&W options.

After about 2 weeks on LR2, I noticed that there were 2 things that it was weak in:

1. Straight white balance skin tones for RAW processing – C1Pro 3 & 4 were more ‘real’, or true to life in this regard. I couldn’t get LR2 to lock with a nice skin tone.

2. Skin texture and sharpness were better with C1Pro. Micro texture was better with C1Pro also.

For everything else, LR2 was way better done. The GUI is super intuitive and it doesn’t take a million years to reload the previews everything a folder is opened. So I am going to use C1Pro4 for straight conversions (ie straight portraits & stage performances with tungsent lighting, etc) and LR2 for much of everything else.


Your name is Burger King

Haven’t had a BK Rendang burger in ages and thought I’ll go get one. Went at lunch time to IMM BK and ordered. Strangely, the place was pretty empty. I paid my $5.50, got the burger and it looked a bit small. Went to the seat, opened it up and it was way smaller than I remembered. Man, it was even smaller than a McChicken. I was so sad.

“Dear Burger King,

You sell burgers for a living.

Your restaurants are supposed to be selling great burgers. (hence your name)

You started with flame broiled burgers.

Then you microwaved factory flame broiled burgers.

Now, your burgers have shrunk so small that even the chicken restaurant sells bigger burgers than yours.

So what’s the point of going to your restaurant?”

Former BK fan


Santouka is overrated

Jo and I went to Santouka at Central last week (before Ben arrived) to get a good bowl of Japanese chashao ramen. I heard lots of good things about the chain and thought why not?

The ambience was great, and service was really good. Was nice of them to give us a big pitcher of water.

I ordered the premium chaoshao set, hoping the taste was up to the standard of the reviews.

To cut a long story short, everything was good, including the ramen but it had no love. The soup, chasao and everything was technically perfect but it lacked something.

We couldn’t feel the chef’s love in the food.

In Singapore, there’s only 1 chaosao ramen I remember. It’s a small shop owned by a very stoic Japanese chef (funny, they seem to be all like that) near the KTV lounge behind OG Orchard. It’s called Osho, it opens at about 11am, has takeaway bento for lunch and opens late till 11pm or more. It seats < 30 people and it’s literally a roadside shop so it’s pretty warm. The chasao is very nicely textured and has a layer of fat surrounding it. Plunged into the soup before it reaches you, the fatty layer is semi-dissolved in the broth, but the chaosao still packs a punch that makes you remember the taste long after. Better yet, the chasao ramen is also cheaper than Santouka’s by quite a bit.

Sorry Santouka, your ramen’s good but it has no spirit.

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